Social Responsibility


Silver Peace™ brand jewelry is made from natural semi-precious gemstones and genuine sterling silver - it is beautiful, affordable, worldly and has a conscience. Yes, you read it correctly! And yes, we are different. Silver Peace manufacturers and suppliers, as well as retailers that display the Silver Peace brand, all work with the ethics of a socially responsible business. Let’s face it, we live in a global economy and there is a growing disconnect between producers and consumers. In this paradigm you may never know for certain where your products are made or what is in it, not to mention how the workers who made it are treated.

We want you to know about every aspect of our products. All the jewelry in this line is crafted with a goal of quality, made without exploiting children or laborers. Additionally, every Silver Peace retailer commits to donating a portion of their sales to one of our approved charities.


Silver Peace jewelry is made by a handful of trusted artisan partners in Nepal, India, and Poland. We have been working with these partners for an average of about 6 years, some for 14 years. The artists that make the jewelry are not day laborers – they are skilled crafts-people and are treated as a valuable resource. In Nepal and Poland, the artists work from the comfort of their own homes – a ‘cottage industry’ of sorts.  They are supplied all the raw materials for their craft and work at their own pace. They are paid a fair market wage within the local context. In India the jewelry is made in a central workshop in Jaipur. In all locations artists take time off for their cultural festivals and are treated well – this is something we insist on.

Are the workers’ lives perfect? Absolutely not. Many of the workers, especially those with families, barely get by. Even with a decent job some cannot send their children to school. A dilemma. Do we pay them more and become less competitive in our market, and in turn decrease the demand for skilled artisans? Or do we ignore the issue and go about our business, fooling our customers along the way? Neither. We trade fairly and honestly and do what we can do improve the lives of everyone we partner with.


Founded by a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Nepal with an MBA, Silver Peace understands the concept of self-help as well as what it takes to establish and maintain a successful business.

Silver Peace supports a number of charitable organizations and also matches donations from our retailers*. Each Silver Peace retailer commits a certain % of jewelry sale proceeds (of only Silver Peace products) to one of our funds listed below, or a local pre-approved charity of their choice. In addition, customers can make supplemental donations to any of these charities through the retailer selling Silver Peace jewelry.


If you love this jewelry and you have ever dreamed of having your own business, here is your chance. Have fun, make some extra money and make a difference! Retailers sell our jewelry at stores, craft shows, fundraisers, to co-workers and friends and at home-parties. Unlike other home party companies, you keep ALL your profit!* Most states require a sales tax certificate, which is easy to obtain. Then, BOOM! You are in business!

* Re-sellers are responsible for following their state’s regulations regarding sales tax collection. Silver Peace is a wholesaler and does not conduct any retail business in any state.


Being nice alone doesn’t get you by in business! That is why Silver Peace unconditionally stands behind every piece of jewelry we supply. If at any time during the life of your jewelry the silver fails, or a stone falls out, return it to your retailer for an equivalent exchange.*

*Allow 7-14 days for exchanged merchandise to arrive. Silver Peace has discretion to send piece of comparable value and reserves right to deny claim if fraud or malice is suspected.

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